DRE Advertising Rules

Updated Date: March 1, 2020


FAQ's about Team Names

All real estate licensees are required to provide their name, DRE #, NMLS ID # (if applicable) and broker’s identity on:

  • real estate purchase agreements
  • business cards
  • stationary
  • advertising flyers
  • television advertisements
  • print advertisements
  • electronic media
  • directional signs 
  • any other materials soliciting business from the public.

The responsible broker’s identity is the responsible broker’s name or name and license number, not merely a team name or fictitious business name filed by the sales agent with the broker’s authorization.

Must say United Real Estate Los Angeles & DRE 01947398, cannot just be your team name. 
“For sale”, rent, lease, “open house” and directional signs are exempt from containing the above identification information only if they:

  • Display the responsible broker’s name, or name and license number, without reference to a broker associate or sales agent
  • Do not display information identifying a licensee.

The State of California Bureau of Real Estate License Disclosure Requirements for Advertising
The following list reflects the required disclosures of licensure for real estate-related advertisements:

  • Related to Government Lands: Name of Broker AND must state that Broker is licensed as a real estate broker by the State of California AND 8 digit lic. # of each licensee on advertisement, min. font size requirements MUST be met. 
  • Print Ads: Broker, agent, Realtor, loan correspondent or abbreviations bro., agt., or other similar terms or abbreviations
  • First Point of Contact Solicitation Materials: Business cards, stationery, websites, flyers, etc., 8-digit license # of each licensee in the advertisement must contain licensee's # and meet min. font size.
  • Contain a Salesperson-Owned DBA:  All** Fictitious Name, salesperson's and broker's name (optional) with license # MUST be conspicuous. 
  • Contain a Team Name: All** Team name, salesperson's name, broker's name with license# for both agent, broker (optional), # must be conspicuous and prominent AND broker's name, must be as prominent and conspicuous as the team name, if included.

Calif. Business and Professions Code §10140.6
Amended and added by A.B. 1650

(*for a complete charted list, please click link):  License Disclosure Requirements for Advertising 

(*for more info on CA Legislative Bill AB-1650, please click link):  Bill Text - AB-1650 

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