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Most Common Legal Forms: There's a form for that!
  • Real Estate is the #1 source of lawsuits in California
  • Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS) Seller's Property Questionnaire (SPQ)
    • Most important forms are the seller disclosures which must be filled out by the Seller, NEVER by the agent. They are directly linked to the condition of the property.
    • Best to the "seller's knowledge".
    • The seller must disclose if someone has died on the property within the last 3 years.
    • The more the seller discloses, the more they reduce their liability.
  • Representative Capacity Signature Disclosure (RCSD)
  • Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID)
    • The agent must be sure that the AVID is representative of the fact that they did go through and inspect the property and they checked everything carefully
    • If they noticed something, they don’t have to go through and get the work fixed BUT they must say they noticed it
    • Read article on how to properly complete AVID. 
  • If the buyer doesn’t want an inspection, then the agent must get it in writing, so the agent isn’t liable 
    • Agent must document every step of the decisions made by the buyer/seller transaction 
    • Buyer Inspection Waiver (BIW)
    • Buyer Inspection Elections (BIE)
  • Always follow the rules and practices of good ethics
  • Properly fill out all the paperwork during the transaction make sure all signatures and initials are filled out
  • The agent should never sign on behalf of the seller, this is fraud which will result in a lawsuit 
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