TRAINING: Foreign Investors: What You Need to Know (VIDEO)

Foreign Investors: What You Need to Know

  • If you have an investor from overseas, they are subject to withholding tax of the price of the home when they sell.
  • Before buying or selling real estate, the overseas client will need to be aware of:
    • Need to obtain ITIN number (Tax ID Number)
    • Qualified accountant (can process the application based on what the tax liability is)
    • Client needs a passport verified (certified copy)
    • Client will need to repeat this process when they want to buy income property
    • Client will have to pay taxes on the income for the rent
    • ITIN numbers expire after 2 years if it hasn’t been active
    • Refer the client to legal/tax representative to decide on how to hold title 
      • Do not advise your client on how to hold title because that is legal advice you are not allowed to give.
    • When the client wants to open an irrevocable trust, they will need to speak w/ an attorney
  • Property Management- not permitted under United Real Estate Los Angeles
    • If the agent is “picking up the rent” then they are the “Property Managers”
    • If proper procedures are not in place, then the agent/ “Property Manager” can and will be held responsible for the taxes owed on the property that were supposed to be in escrow withholding
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