MARKETING/FARMING: Business Cards,Property Signs, Flyers & Postcards

PLEASE NOTE: You must follow DRE Marketing/Advertising rules at all times.

A) Business Cards

  1. Here is all the information you need to know about ordering your business cards through our preferred vendor, House of Magnets. If you have questions with your order, you can call or email the vendor directly at the contact info provided.
  2. If you have your own local designer/print shop, you can find all our United logos in the "Reference" section of Paperless Pipeline. You can send them all the files and the designers will be able to manipulate them as you see fit.

B) Property Signs

  1. Here is all the information you need to know about ordering your property signs & sign post rental/installation. If you have questions with your order, you can call or email the vendor directly at the contact info provided.
  2. Please note that it is your responsibility to have your own open house signs ready to go when you are doing open houses. You must abide by the city regulations on when and where you place them. 

C) Flyer & Postcard Design

Free Templates:

List Reports:

  1. Enter any listing address & they will send comprehensive marketing kit within one business hour.
  2. Print or share your marketing materials for active listings, listing presentations, buyers and investors.
  3. Open House/Promotional Flyers, Single-Property Websites, Property Reports, Neighborhood Infographics, Postcards & more!

Paperless Pipeline

  1. In Paperless Pipeline, click on the "Reference" section. 
  2. In "Quick Search" field, search for "flyer" and our flyer templates will appear and you can click to Preview them and download the ones you want to edit & user. 
  3. You will need to open them in Adobe Reader to edit them. Most computers already has Adobe Reader downloaded on them.


  1. Flyer & CMA templates for you to edit. Most associations already include CloudCMA access as a member benefit. You should check if you already have access to it from your association/MLS.

Breakthrough Broker

  1. In Breakthrough Broker, search for "flyer" or "postcards" and there are tons of templates that you can edit, download or print. If this is your first time using this site, you will need to create an account.
  2. Check out their resources, webinars, postcard designs, webinars, brochures and more!


  1. In Canva, there so many different templates that you can edit, download or print. If this is your first time using this site, you will need to create an account.
  2. Make sure that you are selecting the correct size for your template so that it will have the dimensions you want. They have a section for Real Estate specifically.

Paid Custom Flyers: 

  1. Sample Flyer Designs.
  2. Place your custom flyer order here.

D) Flyer & Postcard Printing/Mailing

Check & Compare pricing, depends on your quantity & time requirements. We have included some ballpark pricing for 100 flyers but it can vary greatly depending on quality & turn around time!

Online Options

Online options are usually cheaper but please take into account delivery time.

  1. Vista Print (100 Flyers: ~$80)
  2. PrintRunner (100 Flyers: ~$80)
  3. Uprinting (100 Flyers: ~$60)
  4. PS Print (100 Flyers: ~$80)
  5. Printplace (100 Flyers: ~$80)
  6. Printing Center USA (100 Flyers: ~$70)
  7. Overnight Prints (100 Flyers: ~$85)

Local Options

If you are pressed for time, there are a ton of local print shops in the LA area. Here are some highly rated ones. You should use Yelp or Google reviews to search for a local print shop closest and most convenient to you.

  1. LeCards- Alhambra (100 Flyers: ~$70)
  2. Print X-press & Copy Center- Pasadena (100 Flyers: ~$60)
  3. KAC Design Advertising- Arcadia (100 Flyers: ~$80)
  4. Staples- throughout LA (100 Flyers: ~$150)
  5. The Print Center- Beverly Hills (100 Flyers: ~$100)
  6. Flyerworks- Glendale (100 Flyers: ~$150)
  7. Venum Graphics- Glendale (100 Flyers: ~$125)
  8. Nonstop Printing- Hollywood
  9. Highland Copy Center- LA 
  10. Color Images- Burbank
  11. MX Graphics- City of Industry

Postcard Printing & Mailing

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