TRAINING: Listing/Marketing Process

  1. Legal Contracts Training Course
    1. LEARN: Legal Contracts Training Course
  2. Listing Presentation
    1. Prepare Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
    2. Personalize your presentation by updating your bio/testimonials 
    3. Prepare an estimated Seller Net Sheet/Estimated Proceeds/Cost of Sale
      • Good Escrow Officers & Title Reps can assist & send you a rough estimate. Most companies also have their own online calculators.
      • Escrow fees are oftentimes negotiable and can vary greatly from company to company. You can check out what our other agents are using & their feedback: TC: Service Providers/Affiliates/Vendors
      • Costs to Consider: 
        • Remaining Loan Amount
        • Taxes
        • Commission
        • Title Fees
        • Escrow Fees
        • Courier & Admin fees
        • Reports/Inspections/Repairs
  3. Order Transaction Coordination (TC) Service (
    1. TC: Order Transaction Coordination (TC) Services / Purchase Agreement / Offer / RPA / Listing Agreement / RLA / LA
    2. TC service is required for all transactions. There are different packages that you can choose from, ranging from Basic to Premium. We need to be informed about every transaction. 

  4. Residential Listing Agreement (RLA)
    1. Submit "PREMIUM" TC order at if you need our in-house TC's to draft RLA for you. You must do this if you are unfamiliar with the contracts.
      • You can only select a lower package if you are experienced with writing RLA's.
    2. LEARN: RLA (Residential Listing Agreement) (VIDEO)
    3. After Seller signs RLA, you must send to us ASAP. All executed docs need to be sent to us within 3 days or your file will incur a late penalty.
  5. Exclude from the MLS (Required if Excluding)
    1. Only if your Seller wants to exclude from the MLS for a number of days.
    2. Depending on the MLS you are with, use SELM or CRMLS-Exclusive Form. Read LEARN: Exclude from theMLS/CRMLS to find out the right choice for you. The MLS may fine you if you do not have this executed by the Seller.
  6. Gather information from Seller 
    1. Parking Spot/Storage Info- Use CAR form Parking & Storage Disclosure (PSD)
    2. Pet Type & Location (Indoor, Outdoor, Yard, Garage, etc)
    3. Property Access (Key copies & Entry codes)
    4. Verify dates/schedule for Cleaning, Stating & Photography
    5. Ask the Seller about property features & take notes to edit later for your property description & MLS Listing.
      • AC Type
      • Room Type
      • Laundry
      • Fireplace
      • Pool
      • Common Walls
      • View
      • Lot Features
      • Sewer
      • Main Level Bed/Bath
      • Parking
      • Water Source
      • Community Features
      • HOA Information
  7.  Provide Seller Disclosures
    1. Good time to assist Seller if they have questions with TDS/SPQ (but NEVER do it for them).
      • Option #1: Have your Seller use Glide on their computer to fill out. It walks them through one question at a time with explanations. They can pause, save & return back to it to complete in a different sitting.
      • Option #2: If they prefer that you are with them in-person while they fill them out, there is an easy way to do on Glide. You will need to make sure that you understand the disclosures yourself so you can assist them. 
      • Option #3: Print out Seller Disclosures & have the Seller fill them in by hand and you can scan them back to our TC's. It must be scanned back as a readable PDF, not a JPEG. Most common if your Seller is less tech-savvy. 
  8. Check with city if they have any sale requirements
    1. Sometimes cities can take multiple weeks to provide reports so it is best that you find out as early as possible to prevent future delays.
  9. Order "For Sale" Sign & Installation
    1. Sign ordering & installation process: ORDER: Real Estate Signs & Installation
  10. Install Supra/Lockbox at Property
    1. Lockbox will make it easier for you gain & share access to the property to agents or other vendors. Supra lockbox & keys are registered to each agent individually.
    2. Go to Realtor Association office to get your key activated & purchase Supra lockbox if you don't have one yet. 
  11. Cleaning & Staging to get ready for Photos
    1. Find nearby vendors online & email/contact at least 3 vendors for quotes
      • Search on Yelp, Google, Angie's List, Houzz, etc.
    2. Get Property ready for Photos & Inform Seller on how they should prepare.
      • Empty Trash
      • Hide Toiletries & Cleaning Products
      • Make Beds
      • Hide Loose Items/Toys/Shoes/etc.
      • Clear Dishes from Sink
      • Organize Clutter
      • Hide Pet Evidence
      • Put away Excessive Personal Photos
      • Clean Yard/Landscaping
      • Fresh Flowers
  12. Photography/3D Tour/Videography Appointment
    1. Hansong Gu (Photo/Aerial) (626) 818-5682
    2. (Photo/Video/3D/Aerial)
    3. (Photo/3D/Aerial)
    4. (Photo/Floor Plan/Aerial)
    5. (Photo/Floor Plan/Aerial) 
  13. Finish your AVID/MLS Input Sheet/Property Description
    1. Mandatory AVID: Photo appointment is good time for you to do your AVID early to save time & reduce risk. 
    2. You must send your AVID to for review before sending out for signatures.
      • Use Glide to easily do your AVID on your phone. You can even take photos on your phone to upload later on the computer. Ask your TC to send you the AVID Glide link ahead of time.
      • Here is our AVID guide so you can know what or what NOT to write to protect yourself- LEARN: AVID (Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure)
    3. Take notes on all the property features that you want to include in the property description & on the MLS listing.
  14. Get Property Flyer Designed & Printed
    1. Gather your photos & property description to create a flyer using free tools or use our in-house Marketing Agency (EMS) to design a premium flyer (only $75)
    2. MARKETING: Property Flyers & Postcards (Design/Print/Mail)
  15. Send out Postcards
    1. Reach out to your title representative to get the address list that you want to target for your property. They are able to sort out renters, people who just bought their home, etc.
    2. MARKETING: Property Flyers & Postcards (Design/Print/Mail)
    3. Usually want to send out one week before Open House
  16. Post Open House Schedule on MLS a few days before Open House
    1. Broker Open/Caravans- Check with your association to find out when are Broker/Agent Caravans, usually Tuesday or Wednesday
    2. Public Open Houses- Usually Saturday/Sunday afternoon and up to your discretion.
    3. Double check Google/Zillow/ to verify that your open house time & listing info is correct. After you make changes in the MLS, it may take some time for it to show throughout the different websites.
  17. Email blast to VIP Agents/Buyers
    1. Send an email blast showcasing your listing: "Not Yet on the MLS", "Just Listed", "Open House"
  18. Post on all Social Media platforms
    1. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
  19. Prepare & Host Open House
    1. Visit the neighbors & invite them to the Open House
    2. Order any Refreshments, Booties, Riders, Sign-In Sheet, Flyers, Business Cards
    3. Create an Agent Video/Facebook Live/ Instagram Live at Open House
  20. Repeat process for first 4 weeks until sold or need to ask Seller for a Price Reduction.
    1. Must have Seller sign Modification of Terms (MT) into order to reduce the price.
    2. Update Flyers and Print material, MLS, Social Media and Property Website with new price. 
  21. Order Transaction Coordination (TC) Service (
    1. TC: Order Transaction Coordination (TC) Services / Purchase Agreement / Offer / RPA / Listing Agreement / RLA / LA
    2. TC service is required for all transactions. There are different packages that you can choose from, ranging from Basic to Premium. We need to be informed about every transaction. 
  22. Receive Offers & Negotiate with Counter Offers
    1. There are various counter offers for different situations so make sure you are using the correct form and thoroughly reading the terms they are putting forth.
    2. LEARN: Negotiation Forms- Counter/SMCO/SCO/BCO/ADM/AEA (VIDEO)
    3. If the client is a corporation or trust, a RCSD must be included. LEARN: RCSD (Representative Capacity Signature Disclosure) (VIDEO)
    4. Need to read the offer carefully as terms might be written in spaces that are often overlooked. 
    5. Pay special attention to credits & changes in contingency removals. 
    6. Have your seller pay special attention to Paragraph 7 (Allocation of Costs)
  23. Acceptance of Offer
    1. After the agreement is fully executed, it must be sent to 
    2. If TC package has not been ordered yet, please do so now: TC: Order Transaction Coordination (TC) Services / Purchase Agreement / Offer / RPA / Listing Agreement / RLA / LA
  24. Open Escrow
    1. If you are unsure about which escrow company to go with, please ask us and we can provide suggestions. Escrow fees are sometimes negotiable. 
    2. Keep in mind that Escrow companies & officers are not created equal. You want to avoid those with poor service as it may cause headaches in your Escrow process.
    3. TC: Service Providers: See other agents' feedback on various service providers
    4. Please warn your client about wire fraud and let escrow reach out to the Buyer to securely obtain the Ernest Money Deposit. LEARN: Wire Fraud: Don't Get Scammed! (VIDEO)
  25. Order & Complete Inspections
    1. Appraisal
    2. NHD
    3. Retrofit
    4. General Inspection
    5. Permits for Upgrades
    6. City Inspections (Call the city to confirm whether they have city specific inspections)
    7. Anything else that is listed as Seller's duties in the Offer
  26. Request for Repairs (RR)
    1. If Buyer sends a RR, Seller can use RRRR (Seller Response and Buyer Reply to Request for Repair) in response.
    2. Seller has 3 options:
      • 1) Not respond- Seller is not required by the contract to respond to the RR.
      • 2) Give a credit to the Buyer
        • Need to notify Escrow of any credits or changes to price
        • DO NOT notify the lender!
      • 3) Pay a technician to have the issue repaired
      • Find nearby handyman/technicians online & email/contact at least 3 vendors for quotes
        • Search on Yelp, Google, Angie's List, Houzz, etc.
        • Make sure they are properly licensed & insured!
        • Need to obtain a receipt as proof of work. 
  27. Contingency Removal (CR)
    1. Request from the Buyer & Selling Agent:
      • Buyer Inspection Election, Inspection Reports, Selling Agent's AVID, Contingency Removals any other Buyer Disclosures
  28. Commission Instructions (CI)
    1. Escrow will send CI that can only be signed by Broker only. Forward to Support & we will arrange.
      • Intra-URE Form: If splitting commission with another agent within United Real Estate Los Angeles, download this form from Paperless Pipeline Reference Section.
      • TC Invoice: If you are having your client pay for TC service, request this from Support. 
  29. Get Ready for Transfer/Closing
    1. After all the Contingencies are removed, you can:
      • Termite Clearance (if negotiated)
      • Coordinate repairs with receipts
      • Schedule staging removal
      • Schedule final cleaning
      • Provide utility transfer info
      • Provide service provider (gardener/pool maintenance) info
  30. Seller Notarizes Grand Deed
    1. Demand pay off mortgage
    2. Tax Withholding
    3. Make sure Escrow Requirements all met
  31. Final Walk Though/VP (Verification of Property)
    1. Coordinate key transfer, parking info, gate/access info
    2. Coordinate utility transfer process
    3. Coordinate move in- move out process
    4. Closing gifts to your clients
    5. Remove yard "For Sale" Sign
    6. Change MLS status to "Closed"
    7. Send out "Just Sold" Marketing
  32. Closing of Escrow
    1. Seller should have their documents already signed with escrow and the grant deed notarized.
    2. Listing agent and seller should be arranging transfer of keys, utilities, services and any other final details.
    3. Buyer and buyer’s agent should also be doing a final walk through a couple days prior to the close of escrow to verify that all request for repairs were taken care of and to make sure the property is still as expected.
    4. Usually when the grant deed is in and final funds have been received, the next day, the grant deed will be sent to the county recorder’s office to be officially recorded.
  33. Escrow is Closed
    1. When we receive recording confirmation, the buyer is officially the new owner.
    2. Escrow will disburse closing packages to all parties:
      • Hard copies and/or PDF's will be sent of executed escrow documents, closing statements, checks, copies of invoices etc. 
    3. After we receive the commission check from escrow, we deposit the check into our bank account same day. We also scan the check and any other closing package documents into your Paperless Pipeline transaction for you. 
    4. Our Compliance Manager reviews all documents related to your file for final approval. It is imperative for you to have all your documents sent to our TC team in a timely manner so we can organize & audit them. If there are items missing, emails will be sent notifying you what is still missing.
    5. After the commission check has cleared our bank account & the Compliance Manager has sent you a Congratulations email approving your paperwork, your commission funds will be scheduled as a direct deposit to the bank account you have on file with us. It takes 2 standard business days to process.
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