TRAINING: Disclosure Checklists

  • CAR Legal Disclosures usually gets updated twice a year. You will be able to find the latest Lease & Sales disclosure charts under the "Transaction Center" > "Risk Management" section of the You must log in first. Here are the 2019 versions for your convenience.
  • Basic Seller Disclosures
[  ] TDS Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement
[  ] SPQ Seller Property Questionnaire
[  ] AVID Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure
[  ] WCMD Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures & Carbon Monoxide Detector Notice
[  ] SBSA Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory
[  ] EH Environmental Hazard Booklet Receipt Signature Page
[  ] FLD Lead Based Paint Disclosure (If built prior to 1978 only)
[  ] REHR Residential Earthquake Hazard Report Questionnaire (If built prior to 1960 only)
[  ] FIRPTA/QS Seller's Affidavit Of Nonforeign Status And California Withholding Exemption or Qualified Substitute Declaration of Possession of Transferor's Affidavit of Nonforeign Status (If Escrow Refuses to Do)
[  ] PSD Parking and Storage Disclosure (*Required for Condos, Apartments, Off-property Parking Spaces, etc.)
[  ] RCSD Buyer/SellerRepresentative Capacity Signature Disclosures (If Trust, Probate, Estate, Power of Attorney or Entity)
  • All of our updated checklists can be found in drop down menu on the left side of your transaction file in Paperless Pipeline. We have checklists ranging from REO to Standard to Mobile Home. Almost all of the time, our TC/Compliance will add the checklists onto your transaction for you but if you would like to view them, you can toggle them from the drop down menu. 

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