TRAINING: Real Estate Schools & Licensing Process

To get your real estate license:

All the information for getting your BRE license from the state of CA:

Here are some online-based real estate schools you can look into: 

  1. The CE Shop (Promo Code UNITED35)
  2. License Solution
  3. Easy2Pass
  4. First Tuesday
  5. Real Estate Trainers

The courses range from $99-$200 depending on how many materials you want to invest in. We suggest that you pay extra attention on studying the actual practice test questions. 

To get JumpStart sales training with United:

Here is the direct link to order our JumpStart sales training course. Even though there are 12 modules, you do not have to do it over 12 weeks. You can knock it out in a week if you want. There is a workbook PDF that you can download and take notes on.

This is the best thing you can do as you are waiting for your license. Once you finish the course, we will ask our corporate office to check your completion on the back-end and refund the course fee to you. If you invest in yourself, we want to invest with you!
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