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United agents, if you are unable to access the videos, please text us at 888.558.8790 for the password.

Agent Excitement Call

Congrats! You've just gained access to the greatest real estate software platform in the world. With kvCORE, you'll get:

  • The #1 Lead Generation Platform
  • Your Most Productive Employee, the Smart CRM
  • Hands-Off Engagement with Marketing Autopilot
  • kvCORE Mobile App for the Agent On the Go

How to login:

The  Agent Success Plan is designed to be completed at your own pace as we have several live webinars available weekly.  It's important that you dedicate time every day to tackle learning kvCORE.  The courses only require about an hour a day or you can complete each week on an accelerated path that fits your schedule.  Most importantly, it's KEY that you complete the four-week plan as well as attend the weekly corresponding Agent Success Plan live webinar.  
  • Log into kvCORE
  • Click the 'Agent Success Plan' link on the top right of your Dashboard
  • Click the 'Click here to start course' button
  • Complete the Introduction and Week 1: kvCORE Basics sections
  •   *PRO-TIP* watch for Agent Success Plan chapter descriptions of video, or text to see if there is a printable resource.  
  •   **PRO-TIP** Do not take the courses out of order.  The courses are purposefully designed to lead you down a foundation path in learning kvCORE.   
The important thing is that you  complete the homework and watch the videos before you attend the live training sessions each week!

Week 1 Training

Week 2 Training

Here are resources that speak to the information that we covered in the session;
Lead Generation
Web & IDX

Week 3 Training

Here are resources that speak to the information that we covered in the session;

Be sure to complete your week 4 coursework within the CORE Learning Portal. You are in the home stretch! This is a big accomplishment, be sure to acknowledge yourself for this! 

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