ORDER: Docusign at Discounted Corporate Rate

1) To get special Docusign pricing of $149/year with United Real Estate, please fill out the form below. After you fill out the form, it will go to our Corporate Tech Team. They will activate your account, usually in the same business day.

2) You should receive a Welcome email from Docusign itself letting you know your account is now live. If you already have an existing account, you can likely get all your documents transferred/synced.  You will just need to email/call Docusign support team directly and they will be able to assist. You will be able to ask them to process a prorated refund of your pre-paid existing Docusign subscription.

3) Get started by watching the  DocuSign for Real Estate: Getting Started 101 video.

4) For more knowledge and support, please visit the Docusign support site at  support.docusign.com.

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