TRAINING: AIR Commercial Real Estate Forms

AIR CRE is an innovative, member-owned platform that provides commercial real estate professionals with the critical tools they need to be successful. Developed by top AIR CRE attorneys, brokers, property managers and other real estate experts, AIR CRE Contracts are recognized as the industry standard, and the most efficient way to close a deal. Access and edit any of the nearly 55 documents in the Contracts library. 

1)  Download the Quick Start guide.

2) Watch the AIR CRE Contracts Training Videos to learn how to use the system:

3) Use the AIR Commercial Real Estate Forms: A User's Manual (2 Volumes)

Email for access to these user manuals. 

Volume 1- Lease Forms & Addenda

Volume 2 – Purchase Forms, Agency Forms and Addenda

A Step by Step Guide to Understanding and Using the AIR Lease Forms and Addenda written by the forms experts who create, review, update and provide training for all of the AIR Forms. Also included is a user’s manual to explain, paragraph-by-paragraph each of the AIR’s Purchase Agreements and related addenda as well as all Listing Agreements and related addenda to serve as a reference guide for readers.

The AIR Forms Manuals provides both a legal and transactional perspective of the AIR Forms offering concrete ideas that can be applied to your next real estate transaction. These manuals will help you add value to the negotiation process and achieve better results for you and your clients.

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