TRAINING: Exclude from theMLS/CRMLS

There are times when you need extra time to prepare a listing for sale or the seller is not ready to have his/her property in the market yet. In order to properly do this so that your Days on Market (DOM) is not negatively affected, there are crucial steps you need to take or you may be subject to warnings, violations and fines.


  1. Read through CRMLS instructions
  2. Print out the CRMLS Exclusion Form for the Seller to execute. Make sure you review & select the right options in regards to DOM.
  3. Complete online form and upload signed Exclusion Form to CRMLS at
  4. Input Listing into MLS per Seller’s Instructions after Exclusion Period ends
    1. During Listing Input on the Basic Tab check the “Was an Exclusion filed?” box
    2. On the Office/MLS Tab enter the “On Market Date” only if option B or C was initialed by the Seller on the CRMLS Exclusion Form

For theMLS

  1. Have Seller execute Seller Instruction To Exclude Listing From MLS (SELM) from CAR.
  2. Submit the SELM along with the Listing Agreement (LL) to right after execution by Seller. If you do not notify theMLS Compliance, all listings must be uploaded into the MLS within 2 days of execution.
  3. When Seller is ready to list the property in the MLS and have DOM start counting, have his/her execute a Modification of Terms (MT) to change the listing start date to submit to


  1. Why does CRMLS have its own form? The CRMLS Listing Exclusion Form was created to address a frequently-raised user concern: Days on Market (DOM). Using other exclusion forms, listings that take time to remodel, stage, photograph, etc., before going into the MLS will display their DOM as the day the listing contract was signed – meaning that they will show a higher DOM than the number of days the listing has been marketed. The CRMLS Listing Exclusion form addresses this issue.
  2. How does the CRMLS form benefit me? The form allows you to start the DOM on the day you start marketing the listing, as opposed to the day a seller signs a listing contract with you. If you and the seller start working on providing services to increase the value of the listing, but haven’t held open houses, put a sign in front, listed it on a portal, or provided any other form of marketing, once you put it in the MLS, the DOM will only reflect the time the listing has been marketed – not contracted.
  3. What’s the difference between Days on Market and Days on MLS? Days on Market refers to how long the listing has been marketed for sale in any form. It may coincide with, but is not the same as, the number of days a property has been in the MLS.
  4. Read more at CRMLS Exclusion FAQ .
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