TRAINING: RCSD (Representative Capacity Signature Disclosure) (VIDEO)

Please watch 3-min tutorial below.

Whenever the Seller/Buyer/signer is not an individual person, a RCSD is required. For any other documents in the transaction, the person should include their role after their name so we know that they are signing on behalf of the entity. It should be standard protocol that agents review the property profile for the property prior to completing the listing agreement in order to identify the exact name of the person(s) on title.  If this is done, then the agents will know whether the representative capacity signature disclosure is necessary. 

The following are appropriate for the identifying the signing party:


Entity Name: “The Estate of Jane Doe”

Representative should sign as: “John Doe, as Administrator”


Entity Name: "ABC Firm, Inc."

Representative should sign as:  “John Doe, CEO”


Entity Name: "ABC Firm, LLC"

Representative should sign as:  “John Doe, Member” or “John Doe, Manager” or “John Doe, Managing Member”

Limited Partnership:

Entity Name: "ABC Firm, LP"

Representative should sign as:  “John Doe, General Partner”  


Entity Name: “John Doe, Trustee of the ABC Trust” or “ABC Trust”

Representative should sign as: “John Doe, as trustee” or “John Doe, trustee” or “John Doe, as trustee of the ABC Trust”

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